Tipi Tipi

Our traditional Nordic designed tipis can be continuously linked to form large event spaces.

Hello and welcome to Tipi Tipi. Events and parties are our speciality and we love nothing more than to work with our clients to create and deliver the perfect solution for your special event with our beautiful Nordic tipis, an alternative to traditional marquee hire.

We provide a unique environment for a memorable event, whether it’s a wedding, festival, corporate event or something we haven’t thought of! Our level of involvement is completely up to you – either we construct the tipi and leave the styling to you, or we provide a fully styled tipi that includes tables, chairs, furnishings, fireplaces, lighting and flowers.

We offer three main packages, starting with the basics and working up to the full package. We also offer Giant Tipis and Mini Hats so it is up to you to work out what you need and we’ll take care of the rest.



Our basic package is a blank canvas.

Our basic package is a blank canvas.

We will provide you with your choice of tipi or tipis and you take care of the styling.

The basic package includes: tipi, lighting and matting

We can point you in the direction of stylists we trust or leave it to you to create your own masterpiece.

  • Single $3000 + gst
  • Double $5600 + gst
  • Triple $7800 + gst


Everyone loves a cocktail party!

Our very popular cocktail packages could be the ideal set-up for your event. We are happy to work together to style it your way, so let’s create a masterpiece.

The cocktail package includes: tipi, lighting, matting, cocktail tables, cocktail seating, dance floor and a seasonal fire-pit.

Opt to sit back and let us take care of it all, or bring on the creative flare and let’s make some magic.

  • Single $3900 + gst
  • Double $7400 + gst
  • Triple $10,500+ gst


The complete package covers all you need.

The complete package covers all your needs.

Sit back and let us take care of everything. We can fill out your event with all the trimmings and you can add the perfect touch by finishing it off in your style.

The complete package includes: tipi, lighting, matting, long tables, either benches or chairs for seating, dance floor and a seasonal fire-pit.

We’ll set everything up and you can add your personal touch when it’s all in place. This popular approach will minimise the hassle and allow you to focus on the more important things.

  • Single 60 guests $4900 + gst
  • Double 100 guests $7850 + gst
  • Triple 140 guests $11,500 + gst (includes free mini hat)

Mini Hats

A little bit extra.

Mini hats are perfect for a bit of extra room.

Mini Hats can provide an alternative to Giant Tipis, they are compact and are suitable for a range of purposes.

You might find you want an extra bar or an outdoor band and the Mini could be the perfect solution. They could also be all you need for your event, so let’s chat.

  • $750 each + gst + delivery

Floor Plans

Single Tent

A single Giant Tipi is ideal for an intimate experience. Here are some examples of setups we can arrange.

A single Tipi
30-70 seated
90 standing

10.3m x 10.3m
13m x 13m With Sides Up

Two Giant Tipis

If you want to fit a few more guests but keep it to a reasonable size we can offer two Giant Tipis. There are many creative combinations you can come up with to fit everyone in. Please have a look at some of the examples, but don’t limit your imagination to these.

Two Giant Tipis
70-140 seated
180 standing

20.4m x 10.3m
23.1m x 13m With Sides Up

Three Giant Tipis

Let’s spread out. Time to create some magic. The Triple Giant setup releases any restrictions and lets you create the ultimate layout. Here are some familiar setups but don’t limit your imagination to these. With the Triple you can create some great combinations.

Triple Giant Tipis
100-210 seated
360 standing


20.4m x 19m
23.1m x 21.7m WSU

30.3m x 12m
33m x 14.8m WSU

30.5m x 10.3m
33.2m x 13m WSU

Four Or More!

It can be done and we can do it! All you need is some creativity and ambition but we can put together a super line-up. The only restriction is usually space, but if you’ve got plenty of that we’ve got plenty of tipis. There is a limitless possibilities to how you can style Four Giant Tipis and even Five Giant Tipis for those extra big occasions.

Four Giant Tipis
280 seated
360 standing

Five Giant Tipis
350 seated
450 standing

40.6m x 10.3m
42.3m x 13m WSU

33m x 20.4m
39.7m x 22.1m WSU

Location location location!

We’re a Melbourne-based company, but we are willing to travel. Naturally, with extra travel comes extra costs so please use the map of Victoria to get an understanding of the zoning we have projected. This is only a guide not an exact figure as we need to assess each event on its own merit.

Metro: 25km = $450

Zone 1: 25km-125km = $800

Zone 2: 125km-200km = $1100

Zone 3: 200km-275km = $1400

Zone 4:  275km-350km  =$1700

Information Pack

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